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Solitude Helps

Most of my friends and acquaintances have this misconception in their heads that I am socially hyperactive and am always “on the go” and out and doing something fun with friends.

Though that may be the energy that I emit, the truth is 90% of the time I’m alone, spending my time in solitude, and most of that time, I’m happy with that.

Among many other things, I am an empath. I can feel things that others may not feel. I know things that I cannot tell you how I know. I receive Divine messages of wisdom and Love. When I’m around a lot of people, I start feeling others’ feelings, and it starts to wear a person down when one feels someone else’s anxiety or sadness.

When I’m alone, I’m primarily connected with the Divine, and that is a very Loving place to be. That’s not to say I don’t feel others’ feelings then too, it’s just that I can usually tell who I’m feeling and I can send healing thoughts their way, and then I stop feeling them. Solitude becomes a necessary respite for the ultra sensitive.

It is in solitude where we connect with the Divine and receive the guidance and wisdom that helps us stay grounded. It is in solitude where we can be with ourselves and really learn about who we are and what it is that we need to be doing. It is in solitude that we learn to accept ourselves just as we are. It is in solitude that we can Love all that exists unconditionally. It is in solitude that we heal, grow, and become better than what we were, if we choose to face our issues. It is in solitude where discover how Godly and Loving we can be.

Once I feel I have achieved the purpose of putting myself in solitude, I can then come back out into the world and share what I have learned. I can help others heal by giving them insight through the benefit of my experiences. I can show them how they too can heal the pains of their childhood. I can help them learn how to bring joy back into their lives.

One of my “gifts” is helping others with the transition that many are currently going through as their own empathic abilities come to the surface. It can be a scary thing because many feel they’re going crazy because they are feeling things they never felt before. Reach out if you need help or guidance dealing with your “awakening”. I can help you learn to control what you allow in and what you want to keep out. - GB

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