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A Letter to David

David, as I write this, you are laying in a hospice bed in Dallas, presumably unaware of the fate that is going to befall upon you in the next few days. I use the word befall because that’s what it looks like from the human side of things. Our belief and our hope is that actually what you will be going through is more like a birth or rebirth into Heaven.

Because of your dementia, we could not consult you about the plan of action you would want us to take regarding your fate. So, based on the Love we all have for you, and your desires that you repeatedly expressed to your family that you would never want to be placed in a “nursing home”, due to the unforeseen medical anomalies that you are currently experiencing, we have made the very difficult decision to place you in an end of life care facility, a hospice.

We’ve been told that you will never walk again. As it is right now, you can’t even stand up. The possibility of you returning home to your family is gone. Only trained medical personnel have the strength and the number to keep you alive in your current condition, and even if we went that path, you would not be living your life as you would want; you would be merely existing.

We have chosen what we feel is the decision you would have made for yourself if you were capable of understanding your situation and communicating your desires on how you want to proceed. If we are mistaken, and we chose the path that you would not have chosen for yourself, please forgive us. Please understand how very difficult it is for us to go forward with the option that we chose. The problem with a decision like this is that the results are permanent.

None of us want you to leave us. We love you more than you can ever imagine. You’re the Dad, Father of “our”child, baby brother, uncle, and source of many hours of laughter and happiness to us all. You’re stability, organization, honesty, integrity and Love. Our hearts are breaking at the thought of what is coming, but they have been broken ever since the diagnosis of dementia was cast upon you years ago.

With that being said, the message we want you to take with you as you begin the process of crossing over to Heaven, is that we Love you very much. We will miss your physical presence, but we will always welcome your spiritual presence and the peace you will bring to us should you choose to come visit us once you have settled in place on the other side.

We are giving you our permission to go whenever you’re ready. Should Mom or Pop, or both of them appear to you and ask you to come with them, please, for your own peace and relief....go. We will celebrate the freedom and relief you will feel when you discard your earthly body that has hindered your life for the last few years. Enjoy reuniting with Mom & Pop, your pets, and other loved ones that crossed over before you.

Regardless who shows up to escort you across, or even if no one shows up and you find your way yourself - go to the Light. The Light is God. He/She will not judge you. He/She will lovingly welcome you with such a Loving energy that you will not want to be any place but there. You may have a few “chores” to do there, but once you’ve completed those chores, you can return to the Earthly realm and visit, or watch over us as you choose.

When it is our time to cross over, we will reunite in the Light. Until that time comes, we will send you our prayers and highest thoughts often as you will never be forgotten.

We Love You.

Your Entire Family.

I Love you, Little Brother.


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