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Our Relationship with Our Creator Is Very Personal

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We all are very fortunate to be experiencing Life on this planet right now. Even if things are not going exactly as we want them to, we still can find small moments of Joy when we step out into nature and just exist with Creation. Being in nature is calming and centering. Watching hummingbirds around the feeder is one of my favorite pastimes at home. Those little guys amaze me all the time!! Looking into the smiling eyes of an innocent child just discovering new things that we stopped noticing years ago is always an uplifting moment as well. There are many Joys in life when we seek them.

When we take the time to stop and enjoy the seemingly simple creations of the Universe, we are connecting our Oneness with ourselves, Our Creator, and all that this Loving Being of Light Created. No one has to tell us how we should do it. It is for us to decide how we do it. Like Nike says, “Just do it”. But we do it in the way that moves US!

Somewhere along the way we learned the idea that we aren’t smart enough, or good enough, or strong enough to be able to connect with our Creator and just bask in the feeling of our Divine Connection. We were taught that we needed someone to guide us because we just weren’t good enough to do it on our own.

MY truth is when our ego is in check, and we are centered, we determine the best way we want to connect with the Divine. Perhaps others share that view, perhaps many don't. Our Creator has given us all Free Will to seek our paths in our own way. I have experienced that connecting with the Divine fills my "cup", my Heart and enriches my Life. I don't worship our Creator, I Love Her/Him. I give Thanks for all I am and all I experience. It is my goal to spread the Love of our Creator by being kind to everyone I encounter.

Occasionally we may seek Spiritual guidance from others to see what works for them so that we can explore their methods. That is good, but anytime anyone with whom we interact tries to tell us their way is the only way, I would suggest our response is a very polite, “I’m good! Thank you so much!”, and then turn and walk away with a smile. This last statement is true whether the person we’re interacting with is from a long established religion, or a new age guru that knows the best way for us all.

We all operate on a different plane. A lot of what I say in my blogs and in Life may go over a lot of peoples’ heads because we simply aren’t in the same place spiritually. Many think I'm weird. Others' think I'm "uber connected". No one is right, and no one is wrong. Our individual needs around Spirituality and Seeking God are different for each one of us. It is for us to decide which is our best way, but when we think we've found it, we must remember no one else is obligated to feel the same way. I will add that for all of us, if we are growing as we age, our attitudes towards our Spiritual journey will change as we draw closer to our Creator and the Divinity.

Religion has a place on this planet because we are all free to choose. There are many that want and need the discipline of a religion. For others, fear has been indoctrinated in us and we don’t want to risk going to hell for not doing it “right”. Still, for others, it just feels right. All of this is good. We are not to judge anyone.

Likewise, we are also free to choose our own Divine Connection. That is a choice I made years ago when I started experiencing things that just weren’t taught in church. I started meeting many people like myself, and we found common experiences in our lives. I’ve chosen to put these experiences “out there” on my

website and on social media, not because I’m saying I have the way, but because I found my way, and it is one way to achieve Divine Connection. More importantly, my message is not HOW we do it, so long as we do it. Ironically too, the best way for us to improve our Connection is by being quiet and still. The more time we spend being quiet and still, the stronger our connection becomes.

We can read articles like this and watch videos, but Divine Connectivity isn’t about acquiring knowledge.

Our knowledge automatically grows through our connection. Questions are answered. Epiphanies pop in. Knowledge grows organically. Reading or watching videos exposes us to new ideas, which can be good depending on the source of the content, but being connected through being quiet and still will gradually transform our lives for the better.

If we are seeking permission to explore outside of what we were taught while growing up, here is the permission slip. It’s OK to hang onto our old beliefs for now if we must. But for many of us, the whole reason we are even reading this narrative is because we have questions from experiences that don’t align with what we “know” and were taught. Whether I’m right or wrong, I must rely on what I personally have experienced as opposed to what I’ve been told or I read.

May God give us All the Discernment to know our Truth and to understand that the Truth for others may not be the same as ours, yet we all Love Each other. - Amen

Let's all Live our Best Life by Loving Everyone and our Differences


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