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Photo Reading is a very popular service that I have been providing for years. When my life changed with my awareness and acceptance of my intuitive abilities, I realized I could look at a picture of someone and intuitively know character and personality traits about that person. I can see anger issues, depression, sadness, addictions, perversions, volatility, but on the flip side I can also see happiness, sense of humor, joy, honesty, integrity, work ethic, and many other qualities and habits people possess.


Years ago, a friend and I were looking at a photo of a guy she had recently started dating. I could clearly see that he had anger issues when I looked at his photo. I told my friend what I was picking up. She told me that she didn’t see it. I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t seeing what I was seeing, because I could see (and feel) it so clearly. Long story short, within a few days of our discussion she found out how accurate my observation really was.

After a few more encounters very similar to the one above, many of my friends started sending me photos of people they met on line or in a dating app, asking for my feedback on the person in the photo. The insight I was able to provide them either verified what they were thinking, or revealed traits they had not seen. Word got around, and my dating friends got in the habit of sending photos to me of the person they wanted me to “read”.

This service includes ALL people seeking Love. Everyone deserves to have Love in their life, regardless of orientation. I want to help the seekers approach Love in a safer way. 

Best Value!
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