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Crystal Singing Bowls emit life force energy much like the sun. This energy activates light and enhances the expansion of our consciousness, allowing for personal awakening at a DNA level. Intentions, emotions and feelings are enhanced with the playing of crystal singing bowls. 

Everything in our body, which is 65-70% water, has a unique resonant vibrational frequency. And like vibrations in water, singing bowl vibrations create waves of frequencies that penetrate our bodies, as well as our hearts. Being stressed out or getting ill can throw off the balance of our resonant frequencies in our body. When singing bowls are played with intention and good technique, they bring peace, grounding, and stability in our minds and spirits by helping to balance our resonant frequencies


This one-hour Group Session is approximately 30-minutes in Soundbath Therapy to help balance the body's energetic field with approximately a 30-minute group discussion with intuitive guidance afterwards. Group sessions will be no larger than 10 people and take place the second Sunday of every month south of the DFW airport. 


This one-hour Individual Session is approximately 30-minutes in Soundbath Therapy immersed in deep sound vibrations with approximately a 30-minute discussion with intuitive guidance afterwards. All Sessions take place in Gary's mediation room, which is located south of the DFW airport. Individual Sessions are currently scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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