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I was born in San Antonio, Texas. When I was 3 years-old our family moved to Garland, Texas, where I was raised. My parents were avid church-goers, which had a major influence on my young life. If the church doors were open, my family was there. I’m the second oldest child in a family with four kids. I’m the oldest boy. My family was not particularly affectionate or demonstrative with love, but as a child I was aware of being loved even though it was somewhat conditional. My siblings and I weren't particularly close as very few of our emotional needs were being met, hence all four of us grew up with self-esteem issues.

I was 9 years-old when I got my first job, and I’ve been working ever since. I learned early on how important a strong work ethic is for success. At age 9, my entrepreneurial spirit prompted me to go door to door in my neighborhood with the family lawnmower looking for lawns to mow. At the age of 12, I started throwing newspapers on a paper route, and at age 14, I started babysitting. I got my first real job at 15 working at a gas station and bait house off of I-30 near Lake Ray Hubbard outside of Dallas. After football season in high school, I continued to work various jobs whenever I could for date money.

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When I went away to college, it was the first time I’d been out on my own with no one to answer to - and I loved it! College was the best four years of my life, up until that point, because I felt the freedom to just be myself. I also felt my first intuitive experience in college. I’m certain that intuitive feeling I felt was the Love we feel when we are in God’s presence. I felt this enormous amount of Pure Unconditional Love fill my being. I can only describe it as an orgasm of the Soul.

After four years of college at Texas Tech University, I graduated with a Business degree in Marketing. I met my wife in college, and a year after I graduated we got married. My career began with a sales position for a large consumer goods company and my wife became a teacher. Our daughter was born five years after we married, and our son was born three years later. Soon after my son was born, I could no longer stand the corporate environment. It wasn't a good fit for me anymore as I was deeply unhappy in the restrictions of the corporate environment, so I left to start my own business.

In 1986, I had a family, a mortgage, and no steady income. I was terrified, but there was something inside of me that knew I just had to create something on my own, build something I could call my own. My biggest motivator was "Don’t lose the house!".  Long story short, I started a vending company and worked seven days a week acquiring accounts. It was really hard work, but I loved it. The only ones I answered to were my customers and myself. About six months into my new business, I landed a major account. It was then I knew I was going to make it, but I still couldn’t pay myself at that time.

By the time my business was two-years old, it had accumulated $200K in debt on a bunch of small three year notes due to the growth of the business. By now, I was working 80 hours a week, Monday through Friday because I couldn’t afford to hire anyone until the debt started dropping off. I was only paying myself $20K a year, which was irritating as I paid the state more in sales tax every month than I was paying myself.  That was a tough pill to swallow, but we made it through the difficult times.


Six years after I started the business, most of the $200k debt was paid off. I moved the business out of my garage and into a warehouse, and I started hiring people. The business really took off at that point. When we look at “manifesting”, all I had to do was state what I “needed”, and it would show up in my life. It was amazing how I was always given what I needed to move to the next step. Two years later, I was able to buy a weekend place, a seventy-acre ranch southwest of Ft Worth. I was 38 and I had achieved all my life goals, or so I thought. I owned a nice home, had my own business, and I was able to buy the ranch I had dreamed about my entire life. Everything in my life was going really well, except for my marriage.


My wife and I finally decided to get into counseling to help our marriage. The counselor used hypnotherapy in an attempt to reprogram the unhealthy behaviors we learned in our childhoods that were affecting our relationship. I liked the level of calm that was achieved during hypnosis. After a while, I started to practice recreating that peaceful feeling at home by hypnotizing myself. THIS is how and when I started meditating. I continued to meditate, because life seemed calmer and happier when I did.


Hypnotherapy did not have the same affect on my marriage as my wife and I grew apart and divorced many years later. Sometimes two people grow at different paces and directions, and this can result in them growing apart from each other. I do believe it takes a very strong person to look truthfully at a situation and recognize it for what it is, and not what they want it to be.  The next terrifying step is to take  action that is not going to be understood or condoned by many, yet it is what has to be done.


As I continued to meditate, I was beginning to feel a connection with the Divine. About the same time that this was happening, I had the good fortune to meet three different people that had had near death experiences. Meeting these people was very enlightening. What I was told by them did not sound remotely close to what I had been taught growing up in the church. I was fascinated by their stories. This was the true beginning of my spiritual journey and the unique and profound experiences that followed.


During meditation, I started experiencing and seeing deep colors that I had never seen on this planet.  I saw the most gorgeous deep, deep blues, and as I went deeper into the meditation, I would see deep purples that I’d never seen before.  It was absolutely stunning, relaxing, and calming. Meditation was beginning to affect my life profoundly. It became the most important part of my day. As an entrepreneur and a small business owner at that time, I was extremely busy, but I always made time to meditate.

One day I was having a profoundly deep meditation, when all of a sudden, I experienced being in a small room on a “modern” Navy Ship.  I was laying on a gurney or table, and there was a brown-haired man with a full beard standing beside me. He was looking down at me very intently with fear in his eyes.  He wasn’t saying anything.  He was just watching me and being there with me.  I then realized I was mortally wounded. I was in “sick bay” on a ship. 

I became aware that it was a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier somewhere in the South Pacific, and it was WWII.  I was dying.  I was experiencing the last minutes of my life in my previous life on this planet. I laid there and just looked up at the man tending my passing. He was very scared and felt helpless.  Finally, I closed my eyes, and that was the end of the experience.  I did not see or feel myself going to the Light, but that one small event explained so many unanswered questions that have hovered around me for years. That is the day I started believing in reincarnation, mainly because that experience explained other events that had happened to me earlier in my life that I never understood. It fit like pieces in a puzzle.

My meditations and the Divine connection I experience while meditating triggered the blossoming of the first of my many intuitive gifts that I now access.  The first intuitive gift I had that I was willing to acknowledge was the ability to look at a person’s photo, and if I could see the eyes and their whole face, I knew what was going on with that person. I would look at them and I just knew.  It was so easy, I believed everyone could see what I saw, but I soon learned that wasn’t the case.  I can spot anger issues, addictions, sadness, deceit, and also happiness and high moral character among many other traits

I have experienced the awakening of many intuitive abilities due to, I believe,  meditation.  Another gift I have been given is to help people discover their own intuitive abilities. When an individual is in that confusing stage of “what am I feeling and why am I feeling this?”; guidance can prove to be very helpful, acting as a catalyst for what is next on an individual's spiritual path. After working with those individuals, helping them accept their emerging gifts and guiding them in a way that resonates with them, their own intuitive abilities seem to immediately blossom. I don’t know why I have this gift; I just give thanks for it as it allows me to help others in their growth.


Many of us today refer to our “religion” as being “Spiritual”. Many also assume that being Spiritual includes having intuitive abilities, and I do not believe that is true.  I became Spiritual when I recognized that my experiences that I was having, either had not been addressed in the religious teachings I was exposed to while growing up, or many of those experiences contradicted what I was taught. I am not stating that the traditional religions are wrong.  There are many truths in each religion, but no one, including myself knows everything about the Universe that our Loving Creator created. If I had to state what my religion is right now, I would say that it is Love. Love everybody, including yourself. Love all of creation. Show kindness and compassion to everyone WITHOUT judgment.  We show Love to our Creator by being Kind, Compassionate, and Loving to every individual we encounter, especially those that never fit in and struggle just to survive.


Love and Peace,


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There are many that understandably will doubt what I say here, as no one has ever taught these things to us in our place of worship, Sunday school, or school. I am not casting doubt on any religion or belief.  I am saying that what I am sharing here can be added to the knowledge of our religious convictions without compromising our beliefs. 


Many are beginning to experience new feelings and thoughts, as I was several years ago, and they don't know where to turn for the answers. It is my desire to provide insight, clarity, understanding, and acceptance around new thoughts and experiences that very few have been prepared to receive. When things open up for us, we will learn whether we are prepared for it or not. It is also my desire to help others remain safe in this online world we live in as apps are utilized to connect with strangers in their search for that “soulmate”.

Many ask me if I believe in God. That question always amazes me as this whole awakening is about Love. YES! I believe in God!! We can use whatever name we are comfortable using when we refer to our Creator, God, Lord, Mother/Father, Yahweh, Jehovah, Spirit, Source, Universe, and many others. The Entity we refer to is the Loving Creator of this Universe, and that Entity is an energy source that is Pure Love. In the English language, there is no pronoun that adequately touches what God is as there is no gender in Heaven. In my opinion, because man has attempted to dominate women for most of existence, God has always been referred to as He. This awakening will bring change to the thought that God has human characteristics and emotions.


Our Creator is far above any of the lower emotions that so many want to place on Spirit. God is Pure Love, and Pure Love does not judge.  When we die, God does not judge us.  There is no judgment in Heaven, except for us looking at ourselves, and for many, that can be a punishing experience in itself.


How do I know these things? Why should you believe me?  One reason you may consider pondering what I’m saying is that I have had contact with many souls that have crossed over (died).  I don’t want to use the word die, as when our body quits functioning on this planet, we continue to exist without our body.  Our Soul is who we really are.  Our souls are eternal for the most part. But what does happen when we die?  It is amazing to me the number of souls that don’t know the procedures to follow when our bodies expire.  It seems to me that someone should be teaching a crash course on dying, because we all are going to “die” eventually, and we all NEED to understand what is happening when it is happening.

I feel like this is a good place to interject a few facts about my childhood and younger years.  I was raised in a Christian home. My family was very conservative.  My parents were not irresponsible. They were dependable, honest people trying to live the American Dream.  There were no drugs or alcohol present in the home I grew up in ever. The things I’m relaying on my website happened as I have stated.  I wasn’t hallucinating, and I wasn’t using anything mind altering.  I’ve never done drugs.  I’ve never had the desire to do drugs.  My childhood wasn’t perfect (who’s is?) but I have no need to numb my pain. My parents gave me and my siblings much better than what they received growing up, and I am grateful for that. I will admit to a fondness for tequila.  I’ve been a tequila aficionado since Jose Cuervo was considered “top shelf”, but I don’t drink to get wasted.  Sipping a fine tequila on the rocks and having deep conversations with friends or Loved ones on a patio somewhere is one of my greatest joys in life. Those conversations are as “mind altering” as I need to experience. By the way, alcohol, drugs and prescription medications have a huge effect on our intuitive abilities.  As our abilities grow and we become more sensitive, anything that affects our mind will become a block to us accessing our intuitive gifts.


Back to my purpose for this website.

We are here on this planet to grow our Souls.  Many say that life here is an illusion. That doesn’t resonate with me as there is a lot of pain in this life as well as a lot of joy and happy times too! The point is, what we feel while we are here is very real.  Those feelings are not an illusion.  We came here to experience things we cannot experience on the other side because much of what we experience here doesn’t exist there.


When I was in my mid 30's I started meditating, my form of meditation anyway. I was married at the time and my wife and I had gotten into counseling to heal our marriage. Our counselor used hypnosis on us to re-program the wounded thoughts we developed growing up.  I learned very quickly that I LOVED what I was experiencing when I was hypnotized.  If you’ve never experienced it, hypnosis can open many portals that allow us to connect to the Divine and our higher selves.  Through hypnosis, our counselor took me all the way back to when I was just days old.  My mom was having trouble breast feeding me.  My dad was standing behind her looking down, and I felt both of their frustration at the lack of success around breastfeeding. I wound up being a bottle baby, but not because that’s what they wanted to do.  The point is it seems to me if hypnosis is capable of taking me back to being aware of events as a newborn baby, isn’t hypnosis also capable of taking us further back?

Where do we go to get the answers we desire that explain what is happening?  I had to figure this out mostly for myself as I am sure many of you are aware, there are very few places to go to get the answers we crave when we encounter our awakening. I did talk to Intuits (not the “palm readers”) and my intuitive friends because I felt like they had a connection to the knowledge I was so hungry for. Their insight was invaluable to me.  I am here now to help fill the gap in the knowledge available.  One of my purposes is to answer questions and share insight around others' blooming intuitive gifts and even the awareness that some things are not necessarily close to what we were taught growing up. But the best answer I can share with you for where we go to receive the answers is, go within and access your Divine Connection.  Your journey is your unique experience. You will hear or feel what you need to learn that is particular to your journey.  Your Divine Connection is your best source for the answers that guide your Life. I can tell you what I feel around you, but it is your Divine Connection that really speaks your truth. 


As we grow, one of the first intuitive gifts that usually presents itself, is that of empathy.  When that gift comes forward, it doesn’t mean that we feel empathy for others.  It means we feel others’ emotions exactly like they are our own!  It can be most distressing if we feel someone else's anger or sadness, and we know we have no reason to be that angry or sad. I'm sure many reading this know what I'm talking about.

I have been shown that there are numerous legitimate ways to connect with the Divine and our Creator. I have no business telling anyone “what they should do”.  Likewise, I am to be allowed to think for myself as well.  I am writing this piece to share with you what is MY truth, what works for me.  Some of what I say may resonate with you, and some of it may sound like total B.S. to you, and that’s OK.  Take all, part or none of what I am relaying.  Pick and choose if you wish.  We are all here on a different journey except for one thing.  We are all here to grow our Souls and become more Godly in our thoughts and actions. How each of us achieves that goal is up to each one of us individually, and we must choose the path that works best for us. None of us are on the same path, so none of our experiences will be identical, therefore we NEVER judge anyone! 

Lastly, for as long as I can remember, way before my new thought life emerged, I have always believed that God created a perfect Universe, and because it is perfect, there is balance in everything.  I have always believed that there is a natural remedy for every ailment that exists on this planet.  As a matter of fact, I am positive natural remedies exist, we’ve just lost touch with Mother Earth where most of the remedies lie. There is however another source that I and many of us have ignored for most of our lives. That source is the Angels and Archangels that constantly watch over us. The assistance Angels provide in channeling the healing energies of the Divine are amazing and wonderful. We can connect with the Angels and ask them to help heal others and ourselves, and they will do just that.  I do that now, but I'm also studying how to become more effective when I work with the Angels.

In a nutshell, this is the transformation I would like to try and create for so many people who desperately need guidance and help - when everything else has failed them. There is an unseen world out there that God created, and it has massive power to transform and heal. I think it’s time to pioneer that frontier, change attitudes, and help bring this knowledge to the masses.

This is a much longer narrative than most people care to read.  If you've stuck with me to this point, I want to say thank you!  If you have a question you would like to ask me regarding any of the subjects that I brought up here, or a subject that I didn't mention, shoot me an email, and I will address it as I am able. My desire is that this site becomes a community, a gathering place where we can share information with each other without judgment of anyone, and we can help each other understand the shifting truths that we were exposed to earlier in our lives.

Love and Peace,


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