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As an empath, I’ve always been able to “feel” character traits and tendencies in people when meeting them. However, many years ago, I realized my intuition also gave me the ability to look at photos of people and “know” or “see” personality traits without actually meeting that person.


I started sharing this ability with friends who kept having bad dating experiences. Once they witnessed the accuracy of my photo readings, my friends would text me photos of new guys (or girls) in their life so I could tell them what I saw.


Given the prolific online dating community now days, I find this to be a very valuable  tool for those of you who would rather not invest time in a relationship with someone who is unable to be upfront about who they are from the get-go. I am most concerned about helping people stay safe. Realize that many people are not intentionally deceitful as they are also deceiving themselves. We can't give it if we don't have it.


PSA: Anyone PRESSURING you to meet immediately is a huge RED FLAG!


It is very important to me that I am open, honest, and as accurate as I can be. I want my actions to show that I am sharing the truth with you as it is given to me without my interpretation in it. So, it is imperative that you not disclose any information about the photo you would like me to read.  If I have a question, I will email you and ask it, including me needing a better photo of the individual you sent.


My ability to intuitively scan and read pictures of people has helped me in my own personal life, as well as in my professional life. If I can be of service to you today, I am honored to help you.

Thank you for your trust me.

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