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Recovering From COVID-19

Over 3 weeks ago I tested positive for COVID. This has turned out to be one of the most difficult illnesses I have ever encountered. Not only was I physically ill, but there is a part about the COVID illness that affected my thoughts and thought processes that literally changed my way of thinking and reasoning…… if there was any real reasoning going on. I now believe I was floating between here and the other side of the veil when I was sleeping, and I was almost always sleeping.

On a physical level, I wasn’t very sick. I had fever, and early on I had physical aches that an over the counter pain killer eliminated immediately. I didn’t feel good at all, but I was nowhere near needing hospitalization. Another impact of the illness is the loss of sense of smell and taste and the odd taste in my mouth. I also kept smelling something that I can only describe as the smell inside a hot water heater. It’s a humid smell with minerals built up from constantly heating water. That’s all I could smell. I couldn’t smell coffee brewing or food cooking, only that metallic water heater smell. I wonder how long this will last? The good news here is that my sense of smell and taste are improving, and I’ve been symptom free of COVID for over a week.

My biggest struggle with COVID was the bizarre mental state it put me in. I was having dreams that confused me daily as I woke up. I struggled in my dreams with reality, and I was constantly feeling battered by life. I truly felt 20 years older than I am while I was ill. I’ve never felt that way in my life. It seemed like nothing I was doing was helping me heal or helping me work my way through the healing process. This was all a mental “game”. I also remember having such an odd dream, that I felt like I could have followed that dream into the “Light” if I had wanted to, but I chose to wake up from the dream instead.

I feel confident in making this statement: On a spiritual level, COVID is here to offer many an opportunity to “go home early” if they choose to do so. For the most part, our exits from this lifetime are established when we come down here. We arrive, we complete our mission, we leave. COVID is here for some to offer a “free pass” back before the prearranged time, if the Soul decides it’s tired of the Earthly struggle and will gain no more insight by remaining.

Death is a sweet release. It has never been the worst thing that can happen to us. It only seems like the worst thing to those that remain to grieve the passing of the loved ones. But that is observing life from only the human experience. We do need to remember we are Body, Mind, and Soul.

I know now that as I was coming out of my mental fog, I realized I recently made a decision that was directly opposed to me pursuing the goals I had already established for the last third of my life more than two years ago. I chose to accept a job offer that had a huge potential to make a lot of money. Almost 100% travel would be required, and it would eliminate my availability to offer my Spiritual services to mainly weekends. I could not have made a worse choice. By choosing this path, I shut down my spiritual journey, an important piece of my life I’ve been working on for 30 years.

I became ill the second day on this job!! As soon as the COVID hit, I knew that I’d made the wrong career choice. When the fog finally started lifting, I knew that I must return to my spiritual work. Regardless of how I perceive success in my purpose, it is the right thing for me to do. It is my purpose. It is where I’ve been guided for a long time. It is the underlying theme of my life for decades.

When something as life altering as delaying my Spiritual work for another 3 years suddenly pops up and and throws me into a tail spin of indecision and into a position that was prodding me to make decisions based only on perceived financial advantages….. perceived financial advantages, not proven ones, is this sudden “opportunity” really a gift? Or is it a distraction, possibly self imposed, that is luring me away from what I know beyond a doubt what I am “ supposed” to be doing?

Oddly enough, about 3 weeks before I decided to accept the position, I woke up from a dream one morning that clearly told me to “stay the course” and keep doing my spiritual work. I was so wrapped up in the “human opportunity”, that I forgot about the dream even though the message was very clear.

How can we be sure we’re making the right decisions? This human experience we are having has an aspect to it that ALL of us at times forget or maybe are rarely aware it even exists. We all have Angels and Guides led by Source, our Creator, that are working behind the scenes to help us stay on path to achieve the life purpose of this incarnation as it relates to the growth of our Soul and the growth of the Souls we touch in this lifetime. This is not a “prosperity” event. It may not even be a “happiness” event. It is an event that before we even came down to this lifetime, we established the areas of our Soul growth we wanted to focus on and what we needed to experience so that our Souls would grow in that way. This is the core purpose of our existence in each lifetime. The experiences will be singularly unique for each of us, but by sharing our experiences with each other, we are opening portals for growth that may resonate with others and open their/our minds to thoughts they/we never considered, but may have been urged to consider 'subconsciously' by their/our Guides and Angels.

Back to how do we know we’re making the right decisions? There are many ways to discern truth. By truth, I mean our own truth. Our truth is the truth for our own life. What is true for me is not going to be 100% true for you. Our truths may be close to each other, but they will not be exactly the same as our paths are uniquely our own. It is at this point we each have to determine if what we are reading or hearing resonates with us and our own truth. We have to take ownership of our life and decide for ourselves. Nobody can do this for us!

Do you realize how empowering it is to own your truth? When we own our truth, we are stating to ourselves, “I have this knowledge, this information, this data, these experiences, and these feelings all this collective knowledge brings to me, and for my life, it means _________________ to me, with us filling in the blank.

We are all here working together to help each of us figure out our own unique path. Read that again.

We are all here working together to help each of us figure out our own unique path.

Just as we must be allowed to own our path, everyone else is allowed the freedom of owning their path.

Live and let live. Love All without judgment…… especially those with whom you do not agree.

Love & Love More


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