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Looking at Life from a Spiritual Standpoint

Updated: May 18, 2021

Through my readings and meditations, I have been seeing lately that I need to observe my life from the Spiritual side of things. It is easy to get caught up in human events and become angered in the way that some may treat us or try to take advantage of us. I’m being told that it would serve me well to look at things Spiritually and see if my attitude towards being “mistreated” might change when I look at events from the Spiritual angle.

I also have been told by a very gifted Intuit/Medium and friend, Russell Forsyth, that I have 3 soul attachments that I entered this life with that need to be rectified this life time. These attachments have to do with business dealings that I had with 3 individuals where I took advantage of them and caused harm to them in some way. In other words, I have karmic debts that I owe 3 people because of dirty business dealings I instigated against these people 5 lifetimes ago. It appears I was a ruthless business man in that life.

I have enjoyed the freedom this life time has brought me. I’ve also enjoyed the very abundant lifestyle I was able to maintain while my kids were still living at home. But there is a downside to all this too, as every business venture I’ve been in, though they were very successful, each one ended in a manner that was unexpected and shocking.

My first business I started out of my garage and in 14 years it had 75 employees and $10MM in sales. But in that one, my partners eventually took the business away from me and I lost $4MM. That hurt beyond belief, and it took years for me to forgive myself. But when I look at it Spiritually, my feeling is that it “paid” my first karmic debt. 1 down 2 to go. Yikes!!

The second and third events aren’t nearly as grand as the first one, but suffice it to say that I’ve had 2 more business men misrepresent themselves on me, then maneuver their position so that I was not going to be paid monies they owed me.

Is this a lesson to be more shrewd and diligent in my business dealings? Or is this simply 2 more events that I need to observe from a Spiritual standpoint? I believe it’s both. Learning to protect ourselves better is always a good thing to learn, but when we owe a karmic debt, it is owed until we pay it off. I apparently chose this lifetime to take care of all 3 debts. I do believe I’ve paid them off now.

When I finally looked at these events from a Spiritual standpoint, it felt like I have been freed from the debts and I now can proceed with what I plan to do regarding my main purpose of this lifetime.

Time will only tell if I’m right or not with my observation, but regardless, it is time for me to become more active in helping others with the many intuitive gifts that I have. It does bring me a great deal of joy to provide insight to others when they are struggling to understand, and they need answers. It isn’t necessarily my place to give them the answers, but I give them the insight around the situation so they can find their own answers. I know I will enjoy this part of the journey. It really is a delight to be able to help others in this way. - GB

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