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What Do I Need Today?

Or is the question, what do I want today ?

Or is the question, how can I best serve my purpose for being here today ?

Sometimes we don’t feel like we’re worthy in life. Sometimes we feel like we own this place.

Even in the times when we struggle, we still can bring value to our lives and the lives of others.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone else’s day. A smile to a stranger, holding a door open for the person behind you, allowing someone in ahead of you, all tell that individual that you showed kindness to that they matter to you. They are important too. If we’re down our acts of kindness can also lift us up because It feels great to be able to help another person!

It puts us all on the same team. All our feelings matter. We are all one.

Small random acts of kindness plant seeds that may blossom into something more beautiful than anything we ever imagined.

Love everybody including yourself. - GB

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