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What Do We Learn by Reflecting on Our Past?

Sitting quietly in solitude is one of the most useful “activities” of the day that I engage in, though there truly is nothing active about my usage of that time. Generally, I spend 2 hours every morning, first thing when I get up, in prayer, meditation, and reflection. What I may do varies from day to day, but the time I take to do it rarely changes unless I have an early appointment.

The first thing that I do when I sit down is pray. I give thanks for waking up each day and being given the ability to get up and “go do it again”. I give thanks for the people and the Love that are in my life. I give thanks for my health and the blessings around my health that allow me to continue to function just as I always have. I give thanks for all of creation and the beauty that exists here, if we just stop and take the time to see it. I give thanks for the way the Universe works with the system of Angels, Guides, and Loved ones that have crossed over who watch over us and nudge us with the thoughts and ideas that come to us. When I’ve completed my gratitude, I ask for Divine guidance so that I can be shown what to do and be given the ability to get it done..….. which just happens to be writing this piece this morning.

After I have asked for the “directions”, I pray that global suffering be eased and more Love and Light be spread throughout this planet. Then finally, I ask the Archangels to help individuals that I know who are carrying heavy burdens to lighten their load and help them feel normal, lighter, and more hopeful about their future, because I have learned that the only thing we need to get up and go again every day is hope. I know this because there was a day in my past that hope was the only thing that kept me going.

After my prayer, I go to meditation. The way I meditate is not a formal ritual, but just a quieting of my mind and waiting to see what knowledge is going to be delivered to me. Sometimes my eyes are closed and sometimes I stare outside looking at nature, waiting for the hummingbirds to appear at the feeder. Whatever form my meditation takes, it invigorates me and gives me self assurance that I can achieve my goals and accomplish my dreams, not necessarily in the way I had envisioned, but it’s still the results I wanted. I have learned we can ask the Universe for what we want, but if we also tell the Universe how to deliver it, we are being too controlling and limiting the chances of our success. We ask then we open ourselves to the possibilities that are presented to us and act on those possibilities.

The last thing I do every morning is reflect. Is it necessary? No. It may not even be healthy, depending on what we reflect on, but I do enjoy sitting quietly in thought and looking at what I’ve done in the past that was fulfilling, rewarding, and a product of love on some level. On occasion, I also reflect on things that I would do differently, if given the chance to repeat the experience. Reflecting on our successes can bring us the confidence we need to carry on and move forward with the wisdom we gained from our past. Reflecting on our “failures” should always carry a lesson we learned through that so called “negative” experience. If we focus on the lesson learned and not the actual negative experience, there is much to be gained because with the lesson comes more wisdom. If we are gleaning little nuggets of wisdom from those experiences, we are turning the energy around the experience into a higher vibration which elevates us out of a darker place and more into the light. This thought is why we’ve heard over the years that there is no right or wrong. There just is. It all makes sense when we realize that it is our Spiritual being, our soul, that is precedent over our human existence. We are all souls first, human second. When this “class”, our life, is over, and “school lets out”, our humanness will expire. Our souls, however, will continue to live.

When we hold the thought that our souls are who we really are, more so than our human beingness, we step out of our ego, drop that competitive human desire, and begin to place more importance on compassion and care for others without judgement of any kind. This is what Jesus and others were trying to teach many years ago.

When we are out of ego, our connection to the Divine is much clearer, and our behavior towards ourselves and others is much more compassionate and without judgement. This allows us to operate in unconditional Love, which is the same Love our Creator has for us.

Stay safe. Stay in the Light. Blessings , GB

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