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Why Fear an Event We All Will Face One Day?

Is there any valid reason for us to fear death? The short answer to that is No. But many religions, over the millennia, in their attempt to retain power over individuals, have instilled fear around God’s judgement when we die. This judgement by God does not exist. God doesn’t judge us. We do judge ourselves, but God does not judge us. This piece of the conversation is a whole other book, but the concept of being banished to hell is not valid. We create our own hell on Earth by becoming controlled by the pain and wounds from our childhood. Death will be a welcome release from that hell if we never work on healing our wounds.

There is no reason to fear death. Our very essence, the Being that we are, is our Soul. We are our Soul first, our body second, and for many of us, our Soul has walked this planet many times in a different body each time. Not everyone reincarnates, but that option is available to us if we want to exercise that option. The point is, our Souls don’t die. Our Souls continue on to live on long after our body expires in most instances regardless of what our religious beliefs are.

I’m going to explain what “death” is, and some of the things we experience when our body stops working for us….. as it surely will one day….. for ALL of us. So what happens when we die? What do we experience? There are many different things that we can experience when we die, which lets us know we are “dead” and we need to cross over into Heaven. One of the common events is the feeling of traveling in a tunnel towards a Light. I actually experienced this phenomena when I was sick with COVID. I was asleep and I dreamt that this light was beckoning me, so I started following it down the tunnel. I realized where it was taking me, so I chose to stop following it and woke up. I do believe I was given the option to exit this planet at that time, but I have things I want to accomplish still, so I chose to stay here. Anyway, a trip down a dark tunnel going to a Light is an indication that you are entering the dying process.

Another sign that shows we are approaching death is that we start receiving visits by deceased friends or relatives. We actually see them. They have come to us to help us prepare for death, and they will escort us into the Light, showing us the way. My Mom died in late 2010. My Dad started declining in August 2012, and right before we moved him to hospice, he would see our Mom in his hospital room, and he stated very clearly that Betty Sue was sitting in a chair in his room. Our Mom had been dead for almost 2 years, yet he could see her.

Some people will actually see Angels and/or hear Angelic music when their time is approaching. I wish I could tell you why each experience is different, but I just don’t know. I do believe that the experiences are different because we are individuals with different beliefs and expectations, and our death experience aligns with our life purpose and what we have to teach to those around us.

Sudden, unexpected death like that in a vehicle crash or major medical issue can be troubling as our body is destroyed before we even realize what happened. This can cause confusion for the deceased as they may be frightened and unaware that they are no longer in their body, and the body cannot be used anymore. Often times a religious symbol like Jesus, or an Angel may show up and instruct us to “go to the Light”, but that doesn’t necessarily happen every time that way.

So how do we know we’re dead if we are unaware of what happened?

Our Souls leave our body when we die. This always happens. We may hover around or over our body for a while if we don’t know what happened, but if we can see our body below us or nearby, and it obviously is unusable, look up, and look for the Light. You will see the Light, and you’ll want to go to It. The Light (God) is where we belong when we die, for most of us. Some may choose to remain Earthbound with their loved ones, so going to the Light is optional because free will allows us to choose what we do when our body stops functioning.

If we somehow missed all the clues that we have died, which can happen, we will find ourselves trying to communicate with people that are still alive because we need help in understanding where we are. Yet, when we approach people to ask for their help, they totally ignore us, because they can neither see nor hear us. No matter how loud we scream or if we jump up and down, unless their intuitive side is open, they will never hear us no matter what we do. If we don’t know we’re “dead”, this can be a very stressful situation. I feel it is important to share this information just in case someone reading this finds themselves in this situation. I've never been taught any of this in my religious organizations I've belonged to in the past, but after experiencing so many souls that have died and wouldn't or couldn't go to the Light, this is very important information to have. This does affect where one may spend "eternity" least for a while, until someone offers help.

Bottom line with all of the above is this: when we are experiencing something that we’ve never experienced before, and we are unable to communicate with anyone we see, look around, and look up. See if you see the Light. If you do see the Light, go to It. You will be very glad you went into the Light when you get there. You’ll feel a Love like you’ve never felt on this planet, and it’s a beautiful and wonderful thing. You will know that you have gone "Home".

My intention in writing this is to educate us all so that we are able to know how to recognize that we died when it does occur. There are so many souls that never crossed over into the Light, and that can be a very stressful situation if we feel lost, for you see, in many ways, being “dead” is very similar to being alive when death first occurs. You may not believe me now as you read this, but one day, you will see this is true.

Death is just our rebirth into the Divine Dimension. Drop the fear, and live a full life. We all deserve that.

Love Everybody, especially yourself!


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