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We’re All Playing Roles in This Life

When we cross over or “die”, at some point we review our life in detail. As we watch this “video”, we are shown the beautiful things that we have done or accomplished during our lifetime. We also are shown the things we did that are not kind, compassionate or caring, meaning the times we hurt others. As we review these videos, we are making judgments about ourselves and noting the areas we want to improve, grow or heal. We decide this ourselves. We are our own judge.

After we have finished our Heavenly chores regarding our Soul work in the Spiritual realm, and we’ve rested, we plan our next life on Earth (or even another planet). We assemble with our “Circle” and determine the basics of our lives with each other and how we will all interact with each other in a way that assists each of us in growing our Souls. Our plans are derived from our past life review the last time we crossed over as well as unpaid karmic debts from that life and previous lives.

God or Source has given us free will to do as we please, so our precise adherence to this life plan may or may not occur except for the foundations in our life like who our parents are, our physical traits (race, sex, looks, body type etc), our profession, and major karmic debt repayment ( destiny). We even set up options for points of exit (death) for our next life.

We arrange points of opportunity to cross over should we decide that the long life we planned is unbearable and we’re ready to go back home now. COVID is an early exit point for many right now, but an indication that we passed an early exit point might be a near miss with an auto accident or surviving a bad crash that occurred.

Our interactions with others, our relationships whether they be family, friends, workers, or strangers walking by, are designed whereby we are both teacher and student. This is true 100% of the time. We signed on as a student and a teacher. We did not sign on as a judge and jury. It is not in our best interest to focus on “what they did to me”, but it serves us well if we look at what we learned from that interaction or relationship. When we step back and see that we have grown because of “what they did”, we can then give thanks for the lesson and the teacher that delivered it.

The message we take from the knowledge of the roles we all signed on for is this: We all are here to learn, to teach, and to grow. These growth lessons we chose for ourselves before we ever came down here. Retaining anger at the people that delivered these lessons will eventually make us physically ill, which adds additional misery to our lives. Forgiveness is a healing energy that enhances and heals our lives.

The very person that “we will hate forever” as long as we’re alive is most likely one of our “soulmates” that we Love very deeply when we are roaming the Heavens together. We care so much about each other, we volunteered to teach and to learn with each other for at least a little while and maybe for a lifetime.

Let’s not make any permanent declarations or pacts in anger that may harm each other, as when we are finished with this lifetime, our perspective will change, especially when we recall that we were both acting out our roles that we both agreed to before we were born.

Life is a Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual event. We learn early on to care for bodies. We learn a little later that our minds need care too. Let us all also nurture our Souls. Love Everybody. Forgive Everybody.


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