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Sticking on the Hows

Updated: May 28, 2021

Thinking back to a recent conversation I had about how Angels work, I’m reminded of one of my first observations around religion years ago. The crux of the conversation was our disagreement on who actually summons the Angels when we ask for their help..... God, or us? I’m not here to respond to our discussion, rather I am here to take note on how the discussion takes our time away from actually summoning the Angels regardless of how the system works.

This type of conversation is why there are so many different religions in the universe. All of us get caught up in the “hows”, when truthfully, very few of us can know with any degree of certainty how it works when we are on this side of the veil, because it isn’t important that we know “how”, while on this planet.

It is important that we do know that it does work, and that we utilize the system that God created to benefit everyone. When we ask the Angels to help ourselves or others, at that very moment, does it matter how they are dispatched? Isn’t what is important is that there is a response to our request, and the aid we asked for is rendered?

Who among us can build an airplane and understand how it flies before we board that plane and trust that the process will work and it stays in the air? How things happen is not near as important as being aware of the Godly help that is available, and utilizing it for our own benefit and growth as well as calling on the help for the benefit of others. - GB

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