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Spiritual Perspective of Our Lives

We would probably not recognize the Spiritual perspective of our lives if we were to compare what we are attempting to achieve on a human level with what our soul purpose is that was established before we came down here.

The efforts that we expend towards our goals as a human take on a purpose Spiritually that is directly attached to our soul growth. Our human goals and our soul purpose may appear to clash at times, but that is not the case.

As we strive to achieve our human goals, our successes or our failures are designed Spiritually to allow ourselves AND those in our “circle” to either show compassion or receive compassion. As we succeed, we show compassion for those that struggle. As we struggle, ideally we receive compassion from those that succeed, but we must retain compassion for others as well. This is a strong lesson in not becoming a victim to our struggles.

If we observe life from a Spiritual standpoint, we would realize that we are here to learn, and there is no room for judgement of any form. This includes us not judging those that judge, a most difficult place to be from a human view.

Spiritually, what are we to do with the humans that feel life is a competitive event? How do we survive around the attitude that “he who dies with the most toys wins”? What do we do with those that think life is competitive and are willing to sacrifice everyone in their circle for their own profit?

Would we not see this Spiritually as an opportunity to show compassion? Would we not pray for the healing of those that never rest, for to them, “to rest is to fall behind”? What are the joys of life, but the smile of a child, the beauty of the flower, the gratitude of the infirm and elderly?

Very little is as it appears to be. When we embrace all that is, we also embrace ourselves, all those around us, and the Source of our existence. - GB

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