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How Do We Stop Overthinking?

Updated: May 18, 2021

Overthinking a situation is one of the most damaging things we can do to ourselves. I believe that overthinking is caused by that wounded inner child we all carry within us. That little person is the source of most of our struggles. That little person is the one that reacts with hurt feelings, a nasty temper, a sharp tongue, and for some, with violence.

That little person is also the source for jealousy. In relationships, when the wounded inner child is triggered, all reason, and rational thought was just tossed out the window. The wounded inner child is no longer capable of seeing the truth. It can only see things in the maximum hurtful way that it can imagine, and it’s imagination is limitless when it feels like it’s a victim.

We’ve all experienced this at one time or another. It’s most disgusting behavior, especially when we see how it damages our relationships.

The best thing that we can do is seek professional counseling that will help us heal the wounded inner child we all carry with us.

The next best thing that we can do, is recognize when that little person within has been triggered. When we suddenly feel anxiety, shame, anger, jealousy, or fear of abandonment, we can be assured that the little one within was just triggered.

When the trigger happens, it is best to step back, be quiet, go within, and ask our inner child what they need from us at that moment. Reacting out loud towards our trigger will NEVER help the situation. Our goal is to try to remain calm and just step away.

We can do some breathing exercises that bring calmness. Or Pray. Or Count to 10. Or say a quiet meditation or affirmation. But, do whatever we must to bring ourselves back to center so that we’re grounded again and the wounded inner child is no longer “driving our bus”.

The most important piece of this is recognizing that our inner child has been triggered. Knowing that the triggering has happened is half the battle. We may be “crazy” at the moment, but now we KNOW we’re being “crazy” and our adult self can step up and help calm the situation.

I’m being given an affirmation at the moment that may help bring us all back to center. I hope it helps. Here is an affirmation/prayer we can all say when the wounded inner child has been triggered in us:

“I recognize that my childhood wounds from the past are being triggered. I also know that the thoughts surrounding these feelings probably are not true. Archangel Raphael, please come to me now and heal the wounded heart of my inner child. Let the child be at peace, and please bring calmness to this situation. Thank you Raphael for aiding me this time and every time I have asked for your help.”

I want to make note here, that we ALL have Angels hovering around us always. They are here to protect us and assist us in whatever way they can. HOWEVER, the Angels have to respect our Free Will! They cannot offer up assistance unless we ask them to help. (Except maybe for a life threatening situation that occurs before it is our time to go.)

I have asked Archangel Raphael to go to many of my friends and to heal their hurting hearts even if it’s only a momentary reprieve, but “he” has ALWAYS gone to them when I asked.

I want to thank Archangel Raphael for always responding to my requests for the aid to others and sometimes myself as well.

The Universe has MANY unseen Forces created by the Divine that are here to aid us while we complete our soul’s purpose in being here. Learning how to know and get aid from the Divine forces will bring a lot of joy and a feeling of connectedness that will enrich one’s life on several levels.

It may be time to start learning about the Angels and what purpose each one “specializes” in.

We’ll look at these soon. - GB

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