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Change is Constant in Life

We need not let our upbringing interfere with what we came here to do. Growing up, we were taught (right or wrong) by those with whom we spent our time. We were taught THEIR truth.

No one got it right 100% of the time. Using our best discernment, we determine the parts they got right and the parts where they missed the mark.

It is our responsibility to heal or change the parts where our teachers (regardless of who they are) missed the mark in their teachings.

Not everything is as we were told it is. We need not conform to fit in the mould we were raised in. We can cast a new dye and start forming our best life today, no matter what stage of life we are in now.

Being true to ourselves is an empowering process that will also bring us the recognition that it is good to allow others to be true to themselves without judgement.

And as we grow our own way, we become one by allowing others to do the same their own way with a mutual understanding that we don’t have to be alike to accept each other as the loving souls we can be.

Love everybody. Love yourself - GB

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