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Why Not?

“Some men see things as they are, and say “why?”.

I dream of things that never were, and say, ”why not?”

- Robert Kennedy My List of the Big “Why Nots"?

1. Why is there not a flag of the Earth flying above EVERY country’s flag on every flagpole standing?

2. Why can we not see that Race was created to teach us Unconditional Love so that we will Accept and Love each other ESPECIALLY when we don’t look alike?

3. Why do we not see that God, Source, Our Creator, The Universe (use your preferred name) set up the system of humans giving birth to our offspring so that we can have an inkling of how much Love and Compassion He/She will always have for us?

4. Why are the rich being permitted to continually find ways to take from the needy in the name of profit? Examples: Car title loan companies. Paycheck loan companies. Credit Cards with obscene interest rates. Gasoline given commodity status so the wealthy can invest in futures and drive prices up and profit at any sign of catastrophe. Multi-Billionaires suppressing living wages for their employees as they accumulate more wealth when they already have more money than they can ever use.

5. Why have local governments not created trained Crisis Response Teams that are not associated with the police force to deal with Citizens experiencing emotional crises? Though sometimes needed, bringing a gun to every crisis can escalate a situation. Calming someone down through compassion and conversation usually has much better results than the threat of force. These are my Five Big “Why Nots?” I have others, but if we can focus on these five, many of the others may simply resolve themselves.

Some of these thoughts I’ve been carrying with me for years. The Earth Flag thought hit me over twenty years ago as I was beginning to awaken. It just made sense to me that we are all citizens of this planet, and wouldn’t it be wise to recognize that we are Citizens of Earth so we can at least all come together jointly to care for Mother Earth. Where are we going to go after we’ve mortally wounded this planet?

(Proposed International Earth Flag pictured here in white and blue. For more info about this flag, please click the photo.)

My observation on Race came to me again, over twenty years ago as I had two employees, each of a different color, and they did not see eye to eye. Their problems went deeper than their race differences, but when they started expressing themselves in an unkind way, I had a vision regarding Unconditional Love regardless of our perceived “differences”. There is no race in Heaven. Our race this lifetime, and every lifetime, revolves around the lessons we came here to learn OR to TEACH. The same is true for our gender, weight, looks, disabilities, and on and on. There is a REASON behind our existence and every part of how we are “put together”. We are either Teaching or Learning, but most assuredly, throughout our life time, we do both.

Regarding Wealth, I want to be very clear here….. I AM NOT anti-wealth. As a matter of fact, I’m not 'Anti' anything. I am PRO everything, and I always support from a positive standpoint. My issues around wealth pertain to HOW one earned their wealth. The cases I pointed out above involve people taking advantage of those that are less fortunate who have no voice or power. Most of the above issues exist because wealth paid lobbyists to “sway” (pay or coerce) politicians to loosen the laws that used to govern such greedy enterprises. Those enterprises prey on those hardly getting by that have never been taught the life skills on how to prosper…… or can only find work at businesses that see no value in caring for their employees.

Do people not realize that some of these wealthy capitalists are psychopaths that really care only about themselves and their agenda? We cannot let unrestrained greed continue to operate unchecked. What happened to unions and the power they used to carry to deal with working under corporate psychopathy? Where is Ralph Nader’s clone? We need that person or group to step up. It’s been very quiet for a long time. The division between the uber wealthy and the bottom class is growing exponentially. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “bottom feeders”.

On the flip side, those capitalists that do have compassion for humankind should be embraced and lauded for maintaining balance, grounding and compassion in their corporate mission. One can almost feel the difference between the organizations that have compassion and those that don't. When we find caring organizations that are guided by a well tuned moral compass providing services and the goods we need, it would serve us well to utilize their products and services and spread the word about them.

Regarding the Crisis Response Teams, it just makes sense to send help and not a gun to someone who's biggest threat is to themselves. Should the police show up? Absolutely, if the distressed person is armed and threatening others in anyway, but they remain in the background watching. It would also help if they didn't arrive in a police car with sirens blaring. I am not dissing police. This is a problem with "the system". How can any human being emotionally switch gears from an adrenaline fueled foot or auto chase to one or two hours later needing to show the compassion of a Saint? No one is equipped to change gears so rapidly in this manner. Expecting any one human being to handle both tasks perfectly is setting up one or both scenarios to end unhappily.

In order to bring about balance in this country, the “regular folks” are going to need to step up and peacefully push back. The laws that were changed or rescinded that allow 30% interest rates, unstable gasoline pricing, and many other things that allow the hands of the wealthy into the working man’s pocket are immoral and unjust.

Contrary to what anyone may believe, life is NOT a competitive event. He who dies with the most toys does not win, and when they do die, as they most assuredly will one day, they will learn this. Let’s change the thought on what we consider success is.

Where does Joy, Kindness, Love, Peace, Perseverance, Tranquility, Understanding, Compassion, and Friendship fit into our lives? Can we not apply those to EVERY facet of Life? Of course we can!! For us to incorporate such uplifting behaviors, we are going to have to be the "weird" one and start performing that way every day. I know many that already are doing this. Let's join them!

Much Love for All ~~Gary Burris~~

If you agree with any of these thoughts, please share this blog post. How we can we get the word out if all we do is “like” and move on? The time to amp up and facilitate higher, more caring and compassionate thought has arrived.

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