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If Our Heart Is In It, Anything Can Be Achieved

Setting goals for our life and actually accomplishing those goals is a very

rewarding experience on several levels.

Life goals that we have set for ourselves usually center around the things we are passionate about. When we are pursuing our passions, we are fulfilling a deep seated need we have to make a difference in the world that matters to us. There is nothing selfish about this unless this need involves our desire for power or control over others. The pursuit of our passions, to be truly satisfying, should be centered on our own freedom to obtain our goals in a manner that is significant to us. The very act of our pursuit is an inspiration to others when we are acting in a selfless manner. We need no other power over others than that.

Though society in the U. S. generally cherishes wealth, the level of achievement I’m talking about here is not about money. Once we get out of “survival mode” and are supporting ourselves and our family while pursuing our dreams, we are successful. Wealth may come with our success, or it may not, but it won’t matter if we are satisfied and grateful for what we are accomplishing.

The most difficult thing about trying to “live the dream” is the fear we encounter before we begin. Fear is a natural feeling that stops many from taking action on pursuing their dreams, but I have a little secret for you…….. NEVER ever make a decision based on fear. We will regret our decision every time when we decide a course of action based in fear. If we let our fear of failure stop us from pursuing our passion, we’ll never start. The trick to pursuing our passion is to move forward in spite of our fear. I repeat, the trick to pursuing our passion is to move forward in spite of our fear. Those of us that have successfully moved forward on living our passion learned how to push through the fear. We had the fear, we just pushed through it. Eventually, the fear subsides and we learn there was nothing really to fear.

The last significant thing we need to look at is preparation for the pursuit of our dreams. Usually if we are passionate about something, we’ve already learned a great deal about what we are about to take on. We must know many of the details of our new pursuit, but regardless of how much we know, we will never feel fully prepared for what we are about to embark on. Just because we don’t feel fully prepared, it does not mean that we actually are not fully prepared. What is happening at that point is we realize we don’t know “everything” around what we’re doing, but if we wait until we have that much knowledge, we may never begin. On the job training will take care of what we don’t know.

It appears that the life changing events centered on how the COVID pandemic has been managed worldwide has prompted many people to start looking at options on how to be self sustaining and self employed. There is room out there for anyone who has a desire to forge their own path. If this is you, I wish you success, joy, and happiness. It isn’t always easy or fun, but it is very gratifying.

Should you wish to ask me any questions around your desire to pursue your dreams, please feel free to email me directly anytime, with any question, on any topic HERE!

Push through the fear. Follow your heart.

Much Love,


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