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Why do bad things happen to good people?

Who is God? What is God? These are common questions when we are looking for answers. Our Creator, the One we refer to as God, is an Energy of Pure Love. The word Pure is defined as “not mixed with any substance or adulterated material”. Therefore, when it is stated that God is Pure Love, we are saying there is no other attribute that our Creator possesses or is. To be Pure anything, there is no other element there but that one asset.

To take this a step further, with God being Pure Love, that means there is no room or space for God to contain any of the human emotions that religions have been teaching do exist in God for the past 2 millennia. Remember, God created mankind, man created religion. The existence of God is not associated with any religion; however religion cannot exist without the focus on God from their viewpoint, which in many ways became man’s effort to control others. Even though the thought behind establishing religions was pure in the beginning, over time the egos of power hungry individuals distorted what once was a good and true thing. Overtime, we have erroneously been taught that we are not capable of seeking a personal relationship with God. The truth is, for each one of us, our relationship with God is a very personal and private relationship that no one should be telling us that we have to follow their rules to have that treasured relationship with our Creator. With that said, there are individuals that want the camaraderie and companionship that religion provides, and so that is a good thing, and it works for them. It is not anyone’s place to judge that.

God is not capable of anger, jealousy, judgement, or any of the lower emotions that humans struggle with on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, these emotions do not exist in “Heaven”. Our behavior on this planet does not determine where we spend eternity. Our beliefs, mostly, do not determine where we spend eternity. We are not supposed to know everything about what happens on the other side of the veil while we are here because it lessens the impact of the lessons we learn while we are here. There is so much that we do not know, it is impossible for us to comprehend the Heavenly understanding of traumatic or tragic events that occur while we are on this planet. Our human side may want justice or revenge while Heaven or the Divine likely sees the purpose and understanding around every event and how it relates to our soul growth.

The reason our souls came down to Earth to experience life in the physical realm is so that we can experience these lower emotions and grow our souls by learning things like compassion, empathy, acceptance and unconditional love for all others. Life here is very hard compared to our Heavenly existence. If you’re wondering why we need to grow our souls, the simple reason is this: Real Life, the life we live forever, where we spend eternity on the “other side of the veil” is our permanent residence. We came here to Earth temporarily, to go to “school” and learn how to become more Godly while we are here so that we can take that knowledge back with us when we exit this planet and return to Heaven…… as we all will do one day, regardless of our religion.

So if God is not judgmental, and our beliefs do not affect our entrance into Heaven when we cross over, why should we try to be more Godly? The answer to that question is karma. What we give, is what we get. The Bible states that very clearly too without using the word karma. Simply put, we create our own hell on earth by being abusive, jealous, angry, greedy, or any of the lower emotions that can pull us down. Holding on to lower emotions like anger can trigger long term chronic illness in our bodies that will restrict us from doing the things that we enjoy. Retention of lower emotions can change our lives to such a degree that we go from living a fulfilling, happy life to one where we are merely existing. This is a special hell in itself. And we put ourselves there, not as punishment, but as karma around not paying attention to the lessons we are being taught around forgiveness and compassion. We either accept our lessons, or we go into a physical decline. It happens all around us every day. With that being said, that does not mean everyone with health issues is not learning life lessons. There are old souls among us that came down here to live a life of suffering or disability to help those around them learn to have compassion, empathy and sympathy. These are very unique individuals that operate on a level far above what most humans can understand. But the bottom line is that any time we spend in hell, we do it while we are on this planet, and it is of our own making, whether it is because of hurtful things we did to others or actions we did not take to save ourselves (ie staying in abusive relationships).

Ultimately, we are responsible for the purpose of our existence here. We chose to come down here in human form to learn lessons that assist us in growing our souls. We have placed ourselves around people in our soul group that are going to help us learn those lessons. When events are enacted that are designed to teach us a lesson that we chose to learn, it may seem like God is allowing terrible things to happen to good people. In reality things are playing out as designed before we even came down here. Others are being provided the opportunity to show compassion, care, empathy and unconditional love towards us and others that are suffering. This brings us all closer together and helps unite us as one.

Uniting as one is why we are here. This is why God doesn’t interfere with the process. This is why so much happens that cannot be explained whether it appears good or bad.

Love Everybody, including yourself.


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