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What Would our Life Look Like if It Was Perfect?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Is it possible to have the “perfect life”? The short answer to that is yes…… but it requires looking at our Lives beyond the human standpoint. The “perfect” life that we dream of is not going to be just bliss. Life will have blissful times, but there will also be struggles, conflict, pain, and occasionally turmoil.

We chose to come here and experience Life on this planet. Not one Soul is here by “accident”. On a human level, there are people here whose mothers became pregnant, and neither parent wanted a child. From the human standpoint, that was an “accident”. But, when we understand that there is a whole another Existence that we cannot touch or see, an existence driven by the Pure Love of our Creator, there are no accidents.

There is much more to Life than what we can see, touch, or even explain. Our Creator created all that is, which includes us and every person or soul we see. We ALL are here because at some point our Creator, this energy Source of Pure Love, conceived our Souls……. ALL of us. We ALL are a part of our Creator.

For reasons that I cannot explain other than growth of our Souls, we chose to come down here to this planet and experience Life in the physical form. Not every soul that is created comes to the physical realm. Many souls are happy to stay on the other side of the veil (Heaven) living with our Creator.

Life here is optional and a privilege. For those of us that chose to be here, our purpose, which we may never see as a human being, is to grow our Souls through learning unconditional Love and Forgiveness. Unconditional Love has no judgement. It looks down on No One. It accepts others just as they are. It looks at those that struggle with compassion, acceptance, and a desire to help. Unconditional Love is blind to wealth or a lack of it. Unconditional Love is accepting of the Souls sleeping on the sidewalk and those driving by in a $175k car with the doors locked out of fear.

Unconditional Love is Loving just because.

We are here to learn to Love each other regardless of what we look like, what our race or nationality is, what our sexual orientation is, what our religious beliefs are, whether we are a convicted felon or a “person of God”, or whether we even like another individual or not. If we look down on ANYONE, we are not practicing Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is never opportunistic by taking advantage of a situation for profit. Unconditional Love is not greedy. At the very least, Unconditional Love means “cause no harm and Love from afar". Sometimes that is the best we can do, but there is nothing about “cause no harm and Love from afar” that is connected to the lower emotions that pull us down to darker places. At its best, Unconditional Love becomes advocates for those suffering, the infirm, and the oppressed that haven’t the power or means to protect themselves.

It may take us many lifetimes for us to get to the place where we are an advocate for the downtrodden. Let us all continue to catch ourselves when we have judgmental thoughts about anyone. The higher we keep our thoughts, the more compassion will show up in our lives. Who among us would not want to experience more compassion?

It has been my experience that practicing Unconditional Love leads us to the path of Forgiveness. When we realize that others’ pain and suffering often times drive them to do things

that cause us pain and suffering, we may better see their pain. When we see how others have suffered, we can pray for not only our healing, but theirs as well. If everyone moved closer to healing, wouldn’t it make us all less likely to cause more pain to ourselves and others?

That feels like true progress to me. That sounds like a life approaching bliss.

Love Unconditionally. Forgive all.


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