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What do I do, now that I’ve been given that for which I asked?

Accept it.


Give Thanks.

Engage with it.

Allow it to be what it is.

Love it in its current state.

Grow with it.

Heal with it.

Blossom with it.

Share it.

Before my awakening, before my healing, I’ve had women enter my life with speed, energy, and desire for me, and because I’ve always had to work for love, I rejected them. It felt like something was wrong with them because they were so open and enamored with me.

I am being told right now that when we reject what we have been asking for, the Universe becomes confused and will go back to offering us the same things we’ve been accepting in the past.

We must be willing to do things differently when we find ourselves stuck in familiar relationships of any kind.

To grow, to receive that which we desire, to expand our horizons, we must step out of our comfort zones and embrace that which makes us initially feel uncomfortable. - GB

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