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True Intuition is Always Right

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Messages can come in the most mundane circumstances. I heard a humming this morning coming from my kitchen. So I got up and walked into the kitchen to investigate. When I did get there, I realized that the sound was above me, and I thought, “oh she’s running the disposal”. And I went back to the living room, thinking no more about it. A minute or two later, I intuitively heard, “That wasn’t the disposal. It was the blender. She was making her breakfast”. I realized at once that it was a blender, not the disposal.

But this brings up the question: How do we discern true message from thought? Now, most of my messages arrive with no effort at all, but early on they came from above and behind me, so I would know it wasn’t me thinking it. I believe this intentional in order to get me to accept the idea I am actually receiving these messages and downloads from outside of myself.

To discern thought from message, we must look at ourselves and our ego. Are we in ego, or are we in a place where all we want is truth? Do we have attachment to out come? Do we care about the end result? Are we being competitive? And lastly, do we HAVE to be right about this so we don’t look bad?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions be wary of the message being intuitively received. The ego can be a tricky thing. Mastering the ego is paramount to being truly in touch with our Divine self. And the next question is, how do we know we can trust the source of the message?

To trust the source of the message, stay in the Loving white Light of Source. If we keep ourselves in a protective bubble of God’s white Light, allowing only in Love and Light, we can trust that what is coming to us is truth…… remember that includes no fear or any lower emotions coming in. Only messages of Love and Light are allowed in our bubble, and that automatically precludes lower emotions and messages from ego, or wounded lost souls seeking relief, or messages from darker entities disguising themselves as Light beings. Their deceit cannot penetrate the protective Bubble of God’s Loving White Light. Spirit created a Universe that brings us Divine protection if only we will invoke that protection through setting the intention of being protected with the Pure Love of our Creator.

As our Angels are part of Creation, we also receive protection through our Angels that watch over us, if we ask for it. But for an Angel to do their job, we must ask it to do so. The law of Free Will does not allow Angels to step in unless we ask them. I want to add that we need to be very aware of our thoughts. Sometimes we may be inadvertently asking for help through our thoughts, and if those thoughts are not what we truly want, it can lead us down a path we did not intend to take. For this reason, we should try to always focus on the positive and never the negative. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. God’s or Source’s Love is omnipotent, and staying connected to that energy holds us fast to truth. - GB

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