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Things That Can Delay Our Success

Updated: May 18, 2021

1. We don’t believe we deserve it. On some level it was put into our head that we have to work hard, or really expend ourselves before success comes to us. We need to drop any preconceived notions around success and just open up to receiving it. We do have a responsibility to take action. That action lets the Universe know “this is what we want”. Then we follow the path that opens in front of us and accept it for what it is, even though it’s not what we envisioned when we started the journey.

2. We’re jealous of others’ success. Life is not a competitive event, though media may make it appear so. We are all here to learn and to grow. Showing support for others is a loving gesture that reaps its own rewards. Jealousy is a lower emotion that holds our vibration down, and it delays our growth until we learn to be happy for others’ successes. Holding on to jealousy towards others’ successes can lead to bitterness later, and that will lead to isolation and loneliness. Make a note to always choose Love. Love conquers all. A loving heart draws others to us, that results in loneliness never being an issue for each of us. Drawing others through Love creates a supporting group around us that will become our own cheering section that is happy for and glad to see our own success.

3. We’re not on path. Most likely our ego has gotten in our own way, and we are ignoring the signs that have been popping up in front of us showing us that we need to make changes in our lives. When the Universe wants us to make changes, we start seeing “obstacles or blocks” in our efforts. These obstacles will be things happening that we cannot control. Do not confuse a “bump” in the road” with an obstacle. A bump in the road has a solution that we will initiate to resolve the situation. A block or obstacle has no solution. We have to live with what occurred. If the Universe is wanting us to change, and we are ignoring the signs, the blocks will become increasingly more painful until we finally are forced to make the changes we’ve been guided to make. It serves us well to pay attention to what’s going on right in front of us when we feel our progress is being stymied.

Reflection on self is a huge part of growth. Setting our ego aside and truly looking at who we are and what we’re doing that hinders our progress is one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves. This reflection is not about pointing out our faults, but it is about opening up new portals in our lives that focus on Love............. Love of ourselves and Love for All. - GB

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