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Love Everybody. We are not to Judge.

I am constantly reminded of God’s or Source’s Love for us. This message of Love is by far the most important message for us to absorb while we walk this planet. I have come to question the “whys” more than the “hows” as I progress through my Life. That may be one reason I’m so different from many that I know.

Years ago I was asking myself, “Why do things unfold in life on this planet as they do? Why do women give birth to our offspring, and then we raise them into (hopefully) solid compassionate, caring, dependable adults?” The answer I received was that God, Source, Spirit (insert the name you prefer for our Creator), wanted us to understand on some small level the Love that He/She has for us. Those of us with children understand this message. There are very few of us parents that would stop loving our children regardless of what they do. Our love for our children is unconditional and eternal. Most of those of us without children will understand as well, because often times the choice to not bring children into the world was also made from a place of compassion.

The message is, “God’s Love for us is much greater than anything we can possibly understand while on this planet”. Every person walking this planet is a “Child of God”. No one is any more important than another. We are all souls here on our individual journeys living our unique experiences. God Loves each and everyone of us on a level that is so great, we cannot began to comprehend the level of our Creator’s Love for us.

We return our Love for our Creator in many different ways. We can express our Love for Source (God) through our prayers and meditations, however; I am often shown how that the best way to express our Love for our Creator is to show unconditional Love for each other every day we are walking this planet. We do not judge others….. especially for their actions we do not understand. We let them be them, and they let us be ourselves.

We are all on unique paths while walking this planet, and just as we need to be allowed the space to walk our path, so does everyone else, even if their journey appears to conflict with ours. This is where compassion and unconditional Love comes into play. We must let go of the ego’s need to control so everyone behaves in the manner we see fit. We are only responsible for our behavior, so our focus must be on how we behave.

Live and let live really is an act of compassion unless we see someone that is unable to fend for themselves, and they are being used or abused. Stepping in and helping these individuals is imperative, especially if they are unable to reciprocate. Judging the downtrodden is directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus. By showing Compassion and Care for these individuals, and for everyone else alive today, we are expressing Love for them and for our Creator as well.

Expressing Love on any level fills our hearts and increases or capacity to Love, as well as the capacity to Love of the individual that is receiving our blessings.

Love Everybody, including yourself. - GB

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