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Are Other's Opinions of Us More Important than Our Own Self-Worth?

In a conversation I was having recently, a client made the statement that “nurses do all the work, but doctors are the healers”. She had been receiving an Angel reading from a different Intuit, and that is how she received the message from the Angels as it was told to her by the Intuit giving her the reading.

Having received many recorded intuitive readings myself, I understand how easy it is for those of us receiving the reading to not hear what is being said correctly. I’ve mis-heard messages in readings that I received many times myself! When I go back to listen to the recording again, I realize where I missed the point.

Whether the quote was accurate or not is irrelevant for my purposes as it raised a question that I felt the need to explore. What rules, others’ attention bestowed upon us, or our own feelings and level of satisfaction with ourselves?

Nurses heal as much or MORE SO as doctors. It is doctors who get most of the credit.

The point is, we all want to serve our purpose. Why are we here? What did we come to do? Are we here to receive accolades for our efforts, or are we here to live a fulfilling and purposeful life?

The fulfilling and purposeful life will take us much further down the road towards satisfaction and happiness than the attention others bestow upon us.

Until we reach that level within ourselves that we are satisfied and happy with who we are, no amount of outside praise will fill that needy void within us..... and those that do not know this, are still seeking others' attention.

We must pay attention to our desires, dreams, and aspirations without regard for what anyone else may think of them. This can be very difficult to do if our feelings were not given the consideration they deserved when we were growing up.

Our yearnings are our callings for a purposeful life, and for each one of us, it is uniquely our own calling. Our attempts to achieve these yearnings will bring us satisfaction and happiness even if no one notices what we have accomplished, but ourselves. We’re doing it for ourselves and those that we help along the way. That is it’s own reward. - GB

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