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R E I K I  &  H E A L I N G

I N T U I T I V E   R E A D I N G S

P H O T O   R E A D I N G S


There is an unseen and forgotten world out there that God created that has massive power to transform and heal. It is time to pioneer that frontier and help bring back this powerful knowledge to the mainstream forefront. I am creating a safe place for people who desperately need acceptance, guidance, help, or healing – especially those that traditional science has failed them.

I’ve spent the greatest part of the last 30 years learning, mostly through meditation, about the Spiritual side of life.  Through meditation and its Divine connectivity, I have received downloads of information and knowledge about the “workings” of the Universe including information about how our Guides and Guardian Angels work for us, how we can develop our intuitive abilities so that we can better connect to the Divine and serve others, and even such “unknown” subjects like what to expect when we die, as well as many natural resources available to us to heal ourselves and others.  I do not have “All the Answers”.  No one does, but there are many of us that have a vast amount of knowledge that we are willing to share so that it will help us all expand our horizons and learn not to fear the “unknown”.

I am not here to change anyone’s beliefs.  The knowledge that I’m sharing here can align with anyone’s religion or beliefs, unless that belief is based on fear.  There is no room for fear when interacting with the Divine.  The Love of our Creator is so great, fear does not exist in Its presence. There are many among us today who are experiencing a Spiritual awakening, and many are confused and sometimes afraid of these new feelings and the unbeknownst knowledge that is presenting itself to them.  I am here to offer counsel, service, and support to help others understand and accept what is happening with them as life changes for all of us on a very deep level.

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